Piano Hammers & Bass Strings

Piano Hammers & Bass Strings

Isaac Cadenza S Piano Hammers: 18.5lbs, recommended for 9’ and 7’ pianos.

Isaac Cadenza165 Piano Hammers: 16.5lbs recommended for all sizes of grands and for uprights.

Issac Piano Hammers - Piano Custom Made Hammers & Bass StringsIsaac Pianos Hammers: Made from 18lb and 16.5lbs layered, highly resilient felt and stretched around the moldings under tension, they are kept under tension in our unique hammer press for several hours while the adhesive cures.

Isaac Cadenza S and Isaac Cadenza165 Piano Hammers: These hammers will bring out all of the tone your piano is capable of producing. Other hammers are merely pressed onto the molding with little or no stretching of the felt resulting in little or no flexing capacity.

To hear the tone of Isaac Cadenza S and Isaac Cadenza165 Piano Hammers visit the Music samples page

Isaac Cadenza S and Isaac Cadenza165 Piano Hammers: These piano hammers will outlast any hammer made today! Isaac Cadenza S and Isaac Cadenza165 Piano Hammers have an unequaled voicing stability. For voicing suggestions visit ‘Voicing the Isaac Cadenza Piano Hammers’. To achieve a truly remarkable sounding instrument every time you install a new set of hammers – unequaled sustain, the widest tone color range, freedom from revoicing and the longest hammer life – Isaac Piano Hammers are for you!

Isaac Profundo Piano Bass Strings

With Isaac Profundo Piano Bass Strings, you get the clear sustain, the pitch definition, the growl and the ease of tuning that only these strings possess.

About Ari Isaac - Issac Piano Bass Strings - Piano Custom Made Hammers & Bass Strings.jpgIsaac Profundo Piano Bass Strings are designed to amplify the tenor and treble sections making the whole instrument sound larger than it is.

Tuning Isaac Profundo Piano Bass Strings is so much easier due to the clean spread of the partials. These strings have clear pitch definition right down to A-0.

Every set of Isaac Profundo Piano Bass Strings is scaled for maximum tonal power and clarity and for the most faithful transmission of string vibrations to the sounding board.

After being wound, every string is individually tested for clarity and sustain.

Isaac Profundo Piano Bass Strings will bring out the best and richest sounding bass your piano can produce.