About Isaac Pianos

About Isaac Pianos

Music has been my first love. I grew up in a musical family where my parents played violin and piano. I didn’t originally think of piano technology as a profession but when I did get into it, I was intrigued and beguiled by the history, complexity and beauty of the piano.

About Isaac Pianos - Piano Custom Made Hammers & Bass StringsSince founding Isaac Pianos, I’ve tuned over 25,000 pianos by now, and hand built thousands of custom made sets of piano hammers and piano bass strings  which, according to the pianists and technicians who use them, are the world’s finest.

I became interested in hand crafting piano hammers and piano bass strings out of the wish to contribute something lasting to the world of music. Music brings joy to many people.

From concert pianists Sally Christian and Malcolm Bilson; jazz pianist  Delbert Bump, actor/comedian, the late Robin Williams, to pianos in the most prestigious music schools in North America, all play on piano hammers custom made by Isaac Pianos.

If I have succeeded to enhance their joy and that of the people who listen to them, then I’ve done something worthwhile.

 Isaac Pianos is one of a handful of artisans in North America who creates handmade custom piano hammers and piano bass strings