Order Piano Hammers & Bass Strings

Order Piano Hammers & Bass Strings

Order Piano Hammers

Please send samples, first/last in each section. if preferable send measurements:
String heights, keybed to strings, first/last in each section.
Hammer flange centerpin height from keybed (action bench) bass and treble.


Piano Hammers
Boring, Rounding/Tapering Tails
Upright Piano Hammers (Boring included)
Goldpoint (weighted) hammers

Order Piano Bass Strings

Please send original strings, note number of unichords, bichords and tenor wound notes.
Paper pattern is preferable, because more accurate, with dampers off Please note number of unichords, bichords, tenor wound notes.

Measurements, when more convenient. For each string: from hitch pin to speaking length bridge pin and from hitch pin to agraffe. Please note number of unichords.


Piano Bass Strings
Per set, up to 50 strings
(Over 50 strings in set)

Single Strings (not part of set)

Single Wrap
Double Wrap
Isaac Voicing Tool

Please call us for prices. Turn around time, one week or less. Isaac Piano Hammers and Bass Strings have a 5 year warranty

Please enclose payment (cheque or money order payable to: A. Isaac LTD) with your order.

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